All Stonewall Pickups are hand-wound (scatter-wound). This is particularly important for humbuckers. When a coil is machine-wound, each turn of the wire lies directly next to the previous turn. This causes a loss of treble frequencies. Since a humbucker consists of two coils, this effect then become more prevalent. If you’ve never owned hand-wound humbuckers, you are in for a treat: the clarity of tone and frequencies really comes through. Very open sounding. So the Stonewall Pickups humbuckers are organized into a few categories for you:

Vintage Output – This is where you’ll find a few options on classic humbucker tones.

Power – This is where you’ll find the humbuckers that help drive your amp.

XFR – This stands for eXtended Frequency Response. One bobbin (coil) is wound with one particular wire gauge while the other bobbin is wound with a different wire gauge. This is still hum-canceling. It gives a wide sound. Still sounds like a humbucker but its more of a modern sound.

Other – This is where I place the humbuckers that don’t really fit into any of the above categories. Don’t leave this site without clicking here. This is where you’ll find the Cherub Jazz humbucker.


There are a few options available to customize your humbucker tone, should you choose:

Vintage-voiced – Other companies call this “mismatched coils” or “uneven coils” or “unbalanced coils”. This is an option for any Stonewall humbucker. The two coils are wound with the same wire gauge a different number of turns. This boosts the treble frequencies slightly and gives a little bit of some single coil qualities to the humbucker tone. Very popular option if you’re going for that classic tone.

Another way you could customize your tone with Stonewall Pickups humbuckers is, when you’re ordering, you could ask for double screw bobbins for more bass response or double slug bobbins for less bass response. A typical humbucker has one screw bobbin and one slug bobbin. This option is not available for the Cherub Jazz humbucker.

All Stonewall Pickups humbuckers come with 4-conductor wire for versatile hookups. If you’d prefer a braided shielded single conductor wire, please specify when ordering.

All Stonewall Pickups humbuckers are vacuum wax potted to prevent microphonics. If you would prefer your pickups to not be potted (noisy but my favorite for recording), be sure to mention it.

If there is any other way that Stonewall Pickups can customize your tone, please don’t hesitate to contact me.