A humbucker has two sounds

Did you know that humbucking pickups have two unique sounds that come together as one? Sure, they do. One bobbin (coil) has slugs, while the other has adjustable screws. The coil with slugs has more of a treble response while the coil with screws has more bass response. The reason is that the slugs are shorter and don’t extend below the bar magnet. The long screws cause a longer magnetic field (the magnetic field has more distance to cover). Furthermore, each coil is sensing a separate section of the vibrating string. This why, if you were to put the exact same humbucker in both the neck and bridge position, the two identical pickups would sound completely different. One way you could customize your tone with Stonewall humbuckers is, when you’re ordering, you could ask for double screw bobbins for more bass response or double slug bobbins for less bass response. This option is not available for the Cherub Jazz humbucker.